The Go Round polish their hillbilly hick with a smidgen of gee-tar, a nice addition to tales of destitution and hopelessness. Rounding the corner like My Morning Jacket on a Sunday morning, you could mistake their music for pessimism at its worst, but rub the dust out of your eyes and the quartet become a defiantly cheery bunch, content with simple pleasures.
— Drunkenwerewolf

Folk group The Go Round got started just 3 years ago and have already begun to take the country by storm....From lonesome travelers, whom fate decided should meet, to folk trio triumph, The Go Round are everything and more.
— TheVinylDistrict

Gone, released in 2010, is 12 tracks of modest beauty. Duke and Whightsel’s harmonizing rarely deviates from a steady formula, but the effect is notable for its simplicity. On the opening track “Undiscovered,” Duke and Whightsel establish themselves as lyricists foremost, with smart prose like “It’s so hard to get through life when you are undiscovered. Your baby is cold comfort, but she is undercover.” The album explores the fertile grounds of loss, addiction, loneliness, difficult love. The strongest tracks pare down these themes to their basic point of origin: the romantic. Gone is very much a romantic’s feat; Duke and Whightsel don’t glorify their dark subjects, but they hardly shy from pain. “Hard Hearted Girl” has the duo bemoaning some cold bitch, whose hold on her foolish man is both perplexing and usual. On “There There,” Duke’s vocals—breathy, as a drawn-out sigh—match the song’s woeful leitmotif. What keeps the album from being a total downer, however, is in the delivery. “Lonesome Blues,” in particular, draws from the traditions of “old-time” mountain music, and its foot stompin’ chorus is just enough to stave off the demons.
— We Heart Music

Brooklyn’s very own The Go Round has been my go to Autumn band of choice
— Punkcakes


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