The Go Round is a folk trio out of Brooklyn, NY consisting of Theodora Prunoske, Brandon Whightsel, and Richard Duke. They combine guitar, banjo, violin, mandolin, and ukulele with simple harmonies to produce honest, lyric-driven songs, full of longing.

Brandon and Richard first met as solo musicians running the songster gamut of Brooklyn, NY circa 2009. They were booked on the same lineup at a tiny venue in South Brooklyn called Roots Cafe. Richard had planned to cover an Elliott Smith song called, Oh well, OK. He scrapped the idea when Brandon beat him to it with a cover of Angeles. This collision of covers helped them recognize their common musical inspirations, which lead to the sharing of more material and the decision to join forces.

The merging of their songwriting sensibilities called to past lives, lost histories, secular traditions, and a patient observation of the irascible present. They laced arcane etymologies with rhymes of multiple meanings. All this juxtaposition was woven through with pastoral voices, obscure sources and fretful guitar work.

The Go Round’s first record, Gone was released in 2010. It was a DIY project, recorded mostly in the bedrooms and closets of Brandon and Richard’s apartments. The duo played New York City extensively and toured the Northeast, Southeast and Pacific Northwest to support it.

The Go Round encountered Theo early the next year. Richard and Theo were working the same bar in Bushwick, Brooklyn where Richard was slinging drinks and Theo was waiting tables. Theo joined the band and immediately her violin brought new depth to The Go Round’s sound while broadening their musical expression. Personalities and tastes merged and friendships formed. The Go Round was now a trio.

Freshly galvanized, The Go Round recorded a four-song EP in the Summer of 2011 called Eastern Parkway, which was supported by a self-organized and Kickstarter-funded national tour that Fall. On a shoestring budget and ample moxie, The Go Round traveled 11,000 miles to play 25 cities in six weeks. During that tour the band’s bond strengthened and new musical ideas and songs soon emerged.

The Go Round’s latest release Hard Tellin Not Knowin is due in Spring, 2015. It was recorded live at Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NY in late 2014. The common bond and enduring respect that brought The Go Round together is the driving sentiment of the record. There is an energy in the recording, generous but shy, young enough to be excited by prospects, old enough to sit still, but wild enough to take flight at any moment.

The Go Round will be touring in support of Hard Tellin Not Knowin in the Spring and Summer of 2015. You can stay updated on future shows and find links to follow The Go Round at www.thegoroundmusic.com.



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